Newport Baptist Church

Youth Stuff!

(From the November/December 2018 Newsletter)

    We are so thankful for God's provision for y'all during the storm.  Now, it's back to school and trying to catch up with the lessons there.  Y'all just keep going, one day at a time and let Jesus lead you.  He knows all that stuff they are teaching you already and He can help you with it.   Remember to pray for each other and put the following things on your calendars for November and December:

    Wednesday, November 7, we will do our shoe box shopping.  Be at the church at 6:06pm and we will be back by 7:30.  Bring your friends and sign up by Sun, Nov 4. Everyone needs to bring $10.  Please begin praying for the kids who will receive the shoe boxes.  Keep praying for the ones that got the Halloween bags too.

    Wednesday, December 12, is the Youth Christmas Dinner at Fat Fellas.  Meet there at 6:06 for dinner/fellowship and we will return you to the church at 7:30pm.  $10.00 of your meal will be covered.  Anything over that will be your responsibility.  You can bring your friends but their meal is on them.  We are also trying to plan something for while you are on Christmas break.  More info in Sunday School.

    There will be other events that are for the whole church family (that includes you) during these months so pay attention and don't miss out on any chance to be together and support each other.

Y'all keep following Jesus with your whole heart and telling others how much God loves them and what He has done for them in Jesus!

Youth Events in the Works

for 2018-2019 (Subject to change, of course!)

 August: Pool Party

September: See You At the Pole (9/26)

October: Halloween Outreach

November: Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Shopping

December: Christmas Party

January: Bowling

February: Ice Cream Sundaes with Ken Davis

March: Golfin' Dolphin

April: Egg-Stuffing Pizza Party

May: Dinner Out

June: Vacation Bible School (June 10-14)

June or July: SeeSalt Summer Youth Conference

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