Newport Baptist Church

Newport Baptist Church
Part-Time Secretary Job Description
April 2019

Scope: The church secretary is to perform administrative, secretarial, and receptionist duties for the church and pastor.

Position Assignment: Recruited and recommended by the Personnel Committee and Pastor.

Working Relationship: Report to the Pastor.

1. Acts as church receptionist.
   a. Receives/places telephone calls and takes messages
   b Receives visitors
   c. Coordinates the appointment schedule of the pastor and other staff personnel
2. Processes correspondence.
   a. Receives incoming mail/packages and routes to appropriate person or committee
   b. Types and mails outgoing correspondence
3. Maintains the church calendar in the office and online.
   a. Information is to be provided by the pastor, staff personnel, and members
4. Types weekly and special church bulletins
   a. Ensures the inclusion of pertinent items from the church calendar
   b. Includes the preparation of inserts as necessary
   c. Makes copies in the quantity direct by the pastor
5. Types, edits, copies and mails the monthly church newsletter
6. Prepare, distribute and file church reports. Information to be provided by the pastor, staff personnel, and/or committee chairmen
7. Maintain church files
8. Provide clerical/typing services to the pastor, staff members and department heads, committee chairmen as necessary to the performance of their duties
9. Order and receive church supplies
   a. Accept supply requests only from those who are authorized to expend church funds.
   b. Keep records which are necessary to track delivery of orders
10. Provide the church treasurer with the records necessary for proper accounting and payment of debts.
   a. Post individual members giving statements
   b. Prepare and distribute annual giving statements
11. Secretary may have other duties as assigned.

Due to the nature of the duties of this position, the secretary will from time to time be made privy to conversations and correspondence of a confidential nature. This is true of both pastor/member relationships and church business. The secretary is expected to hold all such matters in strict confidence. If any doubt exists about the confidentiality of a matter, the pastor must be consulted.

The secretary:
1. Should be a Christian; a person of good reputation and example to others for Christian service.
2. Should regularly attend a Christian church.
3. Must develop an in-depth knowledge of the organization and function of the church to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the church office.
4. Must demonstrate initiative, skill, speed and accuracy to produce a finished product acceptable to the pastor.
5. Must have. Computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher) and will need to learn to use Quickbooks and ChurchTrac (church management software) if not already proficient.

Financial Compensation and Benefits:
Refer to the Newport Baptist Personnel Handbook for detailed information. Working hours, pay and benefits are to be approved by the vote of the church.
Work Hours: Five-day workweek (Monday-Friday), four hours a day 8:00-12:00
Salary Structure: Depends on experience
Leave: 1-3 years = 5 workdays 3+ years = 10 workdays


Prepare/publish weekly bulletin
Design, run copies of bulletin inserts
Prepare and publish monthly newsletter
Prepare and send visitor letters
Prepare and send member birthday cards
Maintain current prayer list
Utilize ChurchTrac to:
Maintain current church roll
Maintain current birthday list
Post member’s weekly offering
Provide member’s annual giving statement
Pick up and distribute mail
Purchase supplies
Maintain bulletin boards (2)
Maintain current files
Maintains and updates the church calendar in the office and online.
Receive/make phone calls receive/greet visitors
Publicize church events
Maintains office equipment and coordinates with Coeco as necessary
Other tasks may be assigned as necessary

If you are interested in this position, please forward your resume along with a cover letter containing your salvation testimony to

Pastor Gary Carroll at this link:  EMAIL  Or you can mail it to

Newport Baptist Church
Attn: Pastor
P.O. Box 1330
Newport, NC  28570

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